YouthVote Update — Election Day Pt. 2

by NextGen America Executive Director, Ben Wessel

Check out this bonkers stat from a precinct at the University of Central Florida in Orlando:

Though we aren’t getting the overall results we want in Florida, this is a bright sign for the enthusiasm of young voters. It seems that every registered voter who lives in the precinct showed up to vote, and then new folks who moved into the precinct changed their address at the polls. NextGen Florida has been instrumental to the work at UCF: We made 1,377 calls and sent 2,258 texts to people who live in this precinct and registered 1,390 voters at UCF. This is the sort of thing we live for here at NextGen.

Nationally, the early exit polls are showing Biden up +32 over Trump among 18 to 29 year-old voters. This represents a BIG JUMP over Clinton’s +19 margin in 2016. The goal is to hit Obama’s 2008 margin of +34 points, and we are close. Of course these numbers are preliminary and we know the exit polls are just polls, but this is still a good sign:

OK, this is my last email to you all today, but stay tuned with us on Twitter @nextgenamerica and @benwessel for more #youthvote updates throughout the night and into the coming days.