Youth Vote Update — October 27th

by NextGen America Executive Director, Ben Wessel

Take a look at these jaw-dropping numbers from Pennsylvania:

Emphasis here on the roughly QUARTER-MILLION young voters contacted by NextGen PA who have already voted. That’s nearly the population of Pittsburgh. And the Keystone State’s trends are not an outlier, as Politico reports:

According to Politico, via TargetSmart:

Keep in mind that young voter turnout tends to increase further as Election Day approaches., which NextGen Nevada State Director Mark Riffenburg lays out in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Riffenburg also noted that some 72,000 young people participated in the first 10 days of early voting in 2016, but 69,000 voted in the final four days — meaning younger Nevadans tend to wait until closer to Election Day.”

To close out, take a look at our mobile billboard in North Carolina, which has made its way from Raleigh to Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and more!

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