Youth Vote Update — November 1st

By NextGen America Executive Director, Ben Wessel

Today, we’re taking a look at the incredible early numbers coming in from North Carolina. Notably, 108,262 “low turnout” progressives targeted by NextGen NC have already voted. That’s roughly the size of the combined enrollments of UNC, NC State, East Carolina, and Duke (extra emphasis on the fact that these young people not only voted, but voted early). We expect to see even more young people show up on Election Day now that early voting has concluded in the Tar Heel State.

More NC tidbits:


NextGen’s polling over the months has shown a continual uptick in favorability and motivation to vote for Joe Biden, and national polling by NYT/Siena confirms that he is simply dominating among young Americans.

For a deeper look into Biden’s surge with young voters, check out this excellent piece from the Huffington Post. It explains how Biden has listened to young people and moved to the left on climate — and that young people are central to any winning coalition for Biden and the Democrats.


What I said before about North Carolina applies nationally: Young people vote later, and will continue to show up on E-Day. Standout early vote numbers do not mean we are cannibalizing E-Day votes. For evidence, look at our October battleground state youth poll released just a couple days ago: at least 25% of Biden voters plan to cast their ballots Nov. 3, and even more mail ballots will continue to trickle in over the final days.

Last but not least, making my obligatory volunteer plug (we still need you)!

Happy November,


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