NextGen Distributed Organizing — Creating Millions of Dials with our Call Team

Our Setup

  • a Slack invitation link — to join our virtual field office
  • Our written training guide — an overview on calling program with volunteer FAQs
  • ThruTalk dialer link — we used ThruTalk as our predictive dialer program to contact voters via landlines and cell phones. Many remote phone banks use predictive dialers to scale the amount of calls volunteers can make in a given shift.
  • an interactive script preview link — so volunteers can become familiar on what types of calls they’re making
  • and — an overview of our distributed program, including the calling program and why we were pushing folks to join us on Slack.

Individual attention


Today we will be learning how to make impactful calls with NextGen. We’ll do that by:

  • Talking about the importance of making calls in this election
  • Learning what phone banking is
  • Walking through the script to learn what each response means and how to have an effective conversation
  • Going over best practices [Last Agenda Item for those who know ThruTalk and Slack. Experienced phonebankers are welcome to hop off!]
  • Overview of our two platforms: ThruTalk and Slack
  • Answering all questions and transitioning trainees over to Slack workspace


Volunteer Leadership



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NextGen America

NextGen America

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