By Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, NextGen America President

As the country’s largest youth-voter mobilization organization, NextGen America has spent the last several years engaging and mobilizing millions of young people to join — and save — our democracy.

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the 2020 election, young Americans showed their power…

Dreamers deserve bold, permanent protections that will prevent us from being ripped away from our communities and loved ones.

The following first-person essay comes from a NextGen staff-member who is a DACA recipient. She decided to share her experiences in recognition of Immigrant Heritage Month, and to lend a voice to the nearly 1.9 million Dreamers who continue to live in the shadows while politicians fail to act.


By LaMar Thompson-Hightower

How we created unique, engaging content that helped us reach new audiences and pull young people into the political process.

Social media during COVID-19, civil rights protests, and the 2020 election pushed our team to be more compassionate, creative, and strategic than ever before. Our team’s social media program consisted of three priority platforms — Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — and three additional platforms — TikTok, YouTube…

NextGen America

Mobilizing the #YouthVote across 11 states. Visit us at to learn how you can join the fight.

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